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Welcome Party for Exchange Students by OIA

Joining an exchange program is a journey to a different world. Many NTNU students take on the challenge of going abroad, many foreign students come to NTNU to study.  To promote the mutual understanding of each other, The Office of International Affairs held a welcome party for exchange students at general building. 
The concept of "family of exchange students" is introduced by The Office of International Affairs for the first time. All foreign students can get to know each other and know the neighborhood and useful information. Each foreign student will be assigned to a NTNU students, who can help them during their stay in Taiwan. If the NTNU student visits the country of the exchange buddy, they can also receive help from them. 
In the welcome party, there are no boundaries between them. The students ate delicious food prepared by the Office of International Affairs, and chatted happily in Chinese, English, Korean and Japanese. They know more about each other and differences in culture and countries. The students know more about Taiwan. Through this opportunity, the foreign students can know ahead about the upcoming life as an exchange, and be more familiar with NTNU.