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ACC Volunteer in Africa Sharing Experiences

The Amitofo Care Centre (ACC) - which comprises of an administration centre, children’s dormitories, youth dormitories, preparatory school, kindergarten, library, activity centre, medical centre, vocational training centre, religious centre, CBO etc - is founded and directed by Buddhist clergy from the East with an aspiration and mission to directly rear and care for orphans of Africa within the humanitarian and educational umbrella. The main principles of ACC are based on local African culture, Chinese culture and Buddhist philosophy which are given to the orphans in need.
Alumna of NTNU, former principal of Jing Mei High School Lin Li Hwa was invited as speaker. She thinks that love, service and caring is one of the most important part of one’s life. She sees the meaning and value of life when serving others. She led the tug of war team of Jing Mei high school to South Africa for a game, and she met Vincent Lin, the executive director of Executive committee in Africa. Lin’s wife is a member of National Assembly and executive of ACC. Lin is supportive of ACC so that she wants to be part of it. 
The main speaker is Chen Wei Je, an alumni of class 2013. Chen was an editor and later, he went to Africa for 2 years as volunteer of ACC and Chinese teacher. He thinks that going to Lesotho is an adventure of what you normally see on TV. After knowing kids that have HIV, he even read about HIV and found that it’s a disease hard to control. Chen said that it takes a longer period for volunteers to help locals. If you visit there for only five days, you may not be helping at all. He happened to be there for 2 years and is willing to share his experience with people that are interested in Africa.  
Vincent C.C. Lin, alumni of NTNU, came to the event as well. He introduced the ACC and the offices in Namibia, Mozambique and Lesotho. ACC has helped more than 8000 orphans and set up supply stations.