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Sharing from Pre-service Teachers about Oversea Internship

In recent years, NTNU has worked hard on training International pre-service teachers.  In the afternoon of October 13th, the Office of Teacher Training and Career Service organized presentations by students who have gone abroad for educational internships. 
28 students that have been to Canada, Japan and Singapore are invited to give presentations. President Chang Kuo En and Vice President Wu Cheng Chih are being invited as well as Deputy Director of the Teacher Cultivation and Arts Education Department Lee Yu Chuan and Principal HSNU of Wang Shu Li all gave talks to students. 
The oversea internship of pre-service teachers started in 2013. Started with National Institute of Education of Singapore, now NTNU has worked with 10 universities in ten different countries and regions. We have gained the subsidy from the Ministry of Education in 2016 and more students will benefit from this program. It's expected that in 2018, more than 52 pre-service teachers might go abroad for an internship. 
Through the overseas internship, the pre-service teachers not only watched the demonstration of teachers, there are many chances for them to share the culture of Taiwan and to teach in English. They not only observe how teachers teach but also analyze the education system in different countries and the trend of education. Through comparing the education system and teacher training programs, they will find out the advantage we have.  
Students in Canada come from a variety of backgrounds. It’s crucial to teach accordingly. One of the teachers let students choose how they would like to be examined. It’s not to put label on students but a chance for them to know what they aren’t capable of and choose the method they are most comfortable with.
Lin Wei Ting, a student who has joined the internship in Canada, said that he went to the one in Singapore two years ago and was really impressed. That's why he decided to join again this year. He thinks that teachers should teach students in a brand new way. Facing challenges ahead, the teacher should cultivate a global view.  From this trip to Canada, he learned that students are the center of education. They have to discover their interest on their own. It's a kind of education that put learner first and Taiwan can set this as a goal for education. 
Teachers and they should be brave to share their ideas and reflections. Through this sharing, we know that the purpose of going abroad is not to copy what teachers do in different countries but to learn and provide the most suitable teaching method for students.