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Five MTC Students Win at Foreign Students Chinese Public Speaking Competition

2017 Foreign Students Chinese Public Speaking Competition was held at National Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall on November 3rd. Five students from the Mandarin Training Center were selected as representatives. Under the instruction of three senior Chinese teachers at MTC, all of them stood out of 77 contestants and received the second prize, the third prize and three honorable mentions. 
One Korean student Tsui shared his thoughts on the topic of "The taste of happiness in Taiwan". He talked about his food trip all around Taiwan in graceful and elegant traditional poems. He received the secondary prize because of his beautiful words.  One Spanish student from the Department of Applied Chinese Culture and Linguistics talked about the inspiration of nature. He hopes that human can learn from different species to be more mutualistic.
Other three students talked about the decision made for themselves. One student from Uganda said that she asked her parents about living on her own and realized that she has to shoulder the responsibility of the decisions made by herself no matter the result. The lively speech was appreciated by the judges.  Another Vietnamese student learned from the interview of director Ann Lee's wife Lin and realized that it's important to stick to one's goal. Although she has faced some bias from some Taiwanese people, she has overcome the bias and not regretful of her decision.  Another Korean student Tsui thinks that he used to comply with his parents, teachers and friends. It was not until his first decision, to learn Chinese, did his feelings toward life changed. He encouraged everyone to be brave to change and pursuit their dreams.
Every speaker tried their best and hoped to be recognized by the judges. All MTC students received the award and MTC is proud of such a good performance of them, which proved that the high teaching quality of MTC.