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NTNU Visit UCSD for Academic Exchange

Vice President Sung Yao Ting lead a delegation to University of California San Diego for academic exchange and to attend a forum. Prof. Liao Ping Hui of UCSD made this visit successful.
Vice President Sung hopes through the visit, they can find similarities between NTNU and UCSD for future cooperation opportunities or even programs for teacher or student exchange. A number of professors and students from various department like English Dept. and Dept. of Applied Chinese are in this visiting group.
Prof. Dong Tse Ping from the Graduate Institute of Global Business and Strategy thinks that UCSD is a place with healthy academic atmosphere and students around the world. Although NTNU is also an internationalized campus, but they are mostly MTC students and have learned Mandarin before. Now NTU, NTNU NTUST and NTUA are in NTU System where students can enroll in courses of different universities. This is inspired by UC System.
Prof. Dong Tse Ping said that schools in Taiwan are facing the crisis of sub-replacement fertility. The number of applicants for graduate entrance exam has decreased from 15,000 to 5000 in two years but there are 1,500 spots every year. The situation has gone worse in some private universities.