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Master of Sport Management Visited NTNU

Dr. David K. Stotlar, Professor Emeritus, University of Northern Colorado, called at NTNU on November 10th. President Chang Kuo En, Vice President Cheng Chih Fu, Vice President of Office of Student Affairs Chang Shao Hsi, Dean of College of Sports and Recreation Chi Li Kang and Chairman Lin Mei Chun of Department of Physical Education all welcomed his visit. 
Dr. Stotlar is internationally known as a master of sport management. He was the former chairman of North American Society for Sport Management and received the Zeigler Award in 1999, the most prestigious NASSM award. In 2001, he was recognized as NASSM Research Fellow. In addition, he has had more than 90 articles published in professional journals and has written several textbooks and book chapters in sport management and marketing. Dr. Stotlar was invited to be a consultant in marketing departments of many Olympic committees. 
Dr. Stotlar is the instructor of more than 15 doctoral students that studied at the University of North Carolina. Vice President Cheng Chih Fu was his first Taiwanese student. Prof. Mei-Yen Chen and Prof. Tom Lee from the Department of Athlete Performance were all his students. Vice President Cheng Chih Fu also showed up and it was a nice gathering for students to meet their instructor.