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Chinese Taipei Tug of War Women Tops at 2017 Asian Tug of War Championship

The Chinese Taipei Tug-of-War Team Wins the championship at 2017 Asian Tug of War Championship in the ladies 500 Kg weight class for 6 wins in a row. Starting from 2010, the Chinese Taipei Tug-of-War Team has grabbed gold medals every year in 2012, 2014 and 2017, this is a record-breaking moment!
The game started on December 20th with the indoor tug of war. Five teams joined the game. They are from Taiwan, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia. After the first round, the Chinese Taipei team won entered the semi-final competition. At the semi-final, Chinese Taipei encountered Lao's. The team won by 2:0 and competed with the local team, the team of Thailand. Except for Chinese Taipei, the team from Thailand was regarded as the most competitive team. They went off-site training to Jingmei Girls High School. The local team was supported by a huge crowd of fans. Chinese Taipei athletes paid full attention to the game as it was their first time for all of the high school athletes to be on an international field. The team performed really well and won the championship by 2:0.
Principle Huang of Jingmei High School was the leader of the team. She said that this time, all athletes are high school students. Although they were confident to the solid training they have received, half of the team are actually freshmen in high school. That is, they started the training of tug of war team this summer and have to compete in only 6 months. This time, the opponents are all from south-east Asia. It can be referred that the team has become more competitive. Although there are only five teams this time, it's still very impressive that the athletes persisted till the end and won all the games. The athletes are all happy that they could have the chance to participate in an International game and bring honor back.