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Academic Administrator Leadership Seminar at NTNU with Global View

The Academic Administrator Leadership Seminar, held for academic leaders in different universities in Taiwan rounded off on March 2nd, thanks to President Hsu Tien Ming of the National Academy for Educational Research, Chairman of the Department of Physics Liu Hsiang Lin and Chairman Yu Mei Kuei of the Graduate Institute of Social Work. It's hoped that after this seminar, all leaders in higher education in Taiwan can see the local issue with a Global view. 
President Wu Cheng Chih and Department of Higher Education Deputy Director-General Chu Chun Chang were presented at the open ceremony. In his opening speech, President Wu said that from his experience of shouldering the Internationalization of NTNU, he knew that it's important to strengthen the skills of staff of all departments for this professional, long-term business. He called attention to the Ministry and the community to put more value on education administration. 
 Director-General Chu Chun Chang said that there were fewer chances for him to be in contact with educational administrators. After the seminar, he learned about the heavy workload of chairmen. He was glad that NTNU could be the initiative to prepare seminars for new academic leaders and hoped that NTNU can share the experience with other universities. 
Chairman Liu Hsiang Lin said that after taking the position two years ago, he joined the Flying Goose Camp and learned a lot. He thinks a leader should be unselfish, willing to communicate and execution ability. Liu also proposed "Monday, morning meeting" and "Tuesday, afternoon, teatime" and hope to pass what he have learned in Flying Goose Camp to colleagues. 
Chairman Yu Mei Kuei of the Graduate Institute of Social Work share her mindset after joining the Flying Goose Camp. She said that most new leaders will set a goal of leaving the office sound and safe. But after the camp, her mindset has change. The group of people that acquainted from the event kept encouraging each other and now she hoped to lead a breakthrough during her time in the position.  
National Academy for Educational Research Hsu Tien Ming and also the project manager of the academic leadership program at NTNU, told us about the course outline of the Flying Goose Camp. They seek advice from Anna Kindler, Senior Advisor International and adjust it to a seminar and hope that academic leaders can lead the school in a positive way.