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NTNU Invite musicians for World University Concert

The Center for the Research & the Business Development of Asian Pop Culture is the organizer of Pop Music Interdisciplinary Development Project. The seminar, held at the Conference hall on April 20th and 21st.  is about the development of pop music in Taiwan, the education of talents, various aspects of the academic and industry. Professors and musicians from Japan, America, Thailand, Indonesia are invited to sign the MOU of World University Concert and hope that the concert can serve as Universiade where talented college students can compete and exchange ideas through the competition. 
The topic was about the pioneer of pop music Lee Lim Chhiu and pop music in Taiwan, the music in the past and the trend in future. Top professionals were invited to be speakers and moderators. Professor NISHIOKA Tatsuhiko of the Tokyo University of the Arts, Professor Wang Yong of Shanghai Conservatory of Music, Solo Music Production CEO Solo Wang, Poet Xiang Yang, Vocal of the band The Chairman and Vocal of the band Fire EX, Chairman of the Association of Taiwanese Folk Song, son of Lee Lim Chhiu, Lee Siou Jian all came to the event. 
Chen Chien Chi, renowned musician and Lee Ming Chih, GM of Da Da Arts are active professionals. Prof. Dong Tse Ping of the Graduate Institute of Global Business and Strategy, Director Chinn-Horng Nanette CHEN of the Department of Music, Director Wen-Pin Hope Lee of The Graduate Institute of Popular Music and Prof. Shyu Mei Ling all came as academic representatives. 
Many important figures in the field of pop music were keynote speakers, scholars around the world gave presentations and joined an in-depth roundtable discussion. They shared their experience, pointed out the problems we have in pop music in Taiwan and suggested methods of improvement.  In the seminar, we focus on communication and collaboration. NTNU connects important academic institutes in Taiwan and abroad for students and faculties and to nourish future talent that is equipped with theory and actual ability. 
The idea of World University Concert was brought up in the seminar. It's hoped that talented college students can compete and exchange ideas through the competition. According to Prof. Lee, representatives from different countries will form a preparation committee and select bands that can come for the 2018 music festival in Taipei in October. After the seminar, they have discussed about the programs, the standard of rating, time and place for the world university concert. Prof. Lee said that culture can be enjoyed by people of different nations. In the future, they will encourage students from Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines to join.