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Foreign Students at NTNU Found Classmates from around the World

According to statics from the Ministry of Education, there are about 118,000 foreign students in the academic year of 2017, which is the highest of recent years. Students from South East Asia had an increase of 5000 this year. 
Pan and Lin are from Malaysia, one of them studies English and another is major in Chinese. They think that there are lots of departments to choose from in universities in Taiwan and they also found that many foreign students also choose to come to NTNU. 
Lin thinks that lots of Malaysian come to Taiwan to study, she also met some classmates from Thailand, Vietnam and Myanmar. She also noticed a slight increase of other South East Asian students. The precise number of foreign student at the academic year of 2017 is 117970, a record breaking number. Roxane Weng, Director of the Office of International Affairs said that there's a 7% increase from year 2015 to 2016, and another 15% from year 2016 to 2017, so the growth is pretty obvious. 
The statistics from the Ministry of Education also shown that there's more than 1000 of increase of students from Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam.