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Taiwan Team Scores 4 Gold in 2018 APhO

The 19th Asian Physics Olympiad (APhO 2018) was held at Hanoi, Vietnam on May 12th. The Taiwan team, trained by professors of NTNU, grabbed 4 gold, 1 silver and 3 bronze this year. Chung Shang Hsuan, one senior student, is praised as the Most Deserving Performer of Theory Round by the chairperson. 
Taiwan has participated in the Asian Physics Olympiad since 2000, and has performed very well each year. To date, Taiwan has won 63 gold, 42 silver, and 41 bronze medals and 14 honor mentions. Taiwan was ranked no.1 in 2001, 2003 and 2010.
In addition to Taiwan, other countries include Australia, Indonesia, Mongolia, Sri Lanka, Israel, Bangladesh, Kazakhstan, Romania, Thailand, Cambodia, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Turkey, China, Laos, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Vietnam, India, Malaysia and Tajikistan.
The team leader Kao Hsien Chung said that the experiment part required students to solve in particular steps, which is hard to test takers.
Chung said that he is fond of music and literature but he enjoys the romance of physics. It’s like walking in a morning fog, the smell is nice but the vision is blurred. Upon solving the mystery, the fog disappeared and he felt relaxed.