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Director Zuim from NYU Takes NTNU by Storm

Dr. Ana Flavia Zuim, Director of Steinhardt School Vocal Performance Program, NYU, brought to more than 600 audiences a marvelous feast for consecutive five days. One forum, four public master class with more than 200 non-NTNU students' participation. 
Assistant Professor Fan Sheng Tao, from the Graduate Institue of Performing Arts and one of the organizers, said that in public master class, Dr. Zuim talked about healthy signing, interpretation of American musical, piano accompanying for musicals. She also attended the forum of development of musicals in Taiwan. 
Associate Professor Lee Yen I said that the classes give by passionate Director Zuim has opened the eye of participants. She not only taught us techniques of piano accompanying and singing but also elaborate the history and the present of Broadway. Director Zuim said that although Broadway actors are elites selected from thousands of people if you divide their salary by the amount of time they put into preparation, they only earn about 12 USD per hour. Those who want to enter Broadway must have a huge passion.  
One graduate student that participate in the workshop said that "Director Zuim taught us lots of method of vocal training, every lesson is different from another and it amazed me. She constantly reminds us that you have to prepare hard before going on stage, especially to ponder the character of each character so that you can express your feelings through melody" Director Zuim said that a musical is not just about singing and the audiences want to see a lively performance, in addition to listen to nice songs. 
On the last public master class on May 25th, Director Zuim told the audience that she had a good time at NTNU for the past five days. Many audiences told her that they were inspired and touched and so does she. 
Chairman Hsia, who invited Dr. Zuim at New York University this February, said that Dr. Zuim is the first Broadway worker that has ever visited the Graduate Institute of Performing Arts of NTNU in 13 years of history. Chairman Hsia said that other distinguished guests will come and hold masterclass in the future.