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NTNU work with National Archaeological Museum, Naples for Ancient Polychrome

The National Archaeological Museum, Naples (MANN) started a technological art project "Mann in colors" with Prof. Hsu Ho Chieh of the Department Of Design in March 2018. The research team studies ancient Greek and Roman sculptures, using multi-spectral (ultraviolet, infrared spectrometer, infrared false-color image) and chemical investigation (Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy, Raman spectroscopy, X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy) and other scientific identification methods to find out various color of ancient sculptures and establish the first database of ancient sculpture color. 
Archaeologists have shown interests in ancient polychrome and now we have achieved rapid development in the study of classic sculptures. MANN focuses on scientific studies of ancient polychrome and 3D ancient sculptures. The collection by the House of Farnese is the first collection in the project.
Dr. Giulierini of MANN is the principal investigator of the MANN-IN-COLORS, Prof. Cristiana Barandoni is responsible for rebuild the 3D model. Prof. Hsu Ho Chieh hopes to establish a systematic inventory for the SICAR repair project, which is the first database of Italian ancient sculpture color for scholars and the general public. 
Prof. Hsu Ho Chieh is now the Director of the Art Museum of NTNU. The 3-year MANN project between MANN and NTNU lasts from 2018 to 2021. In June, there was a demonstration about the latest digital technique and equipment that will give the color of ancient Greek cultural relics. Curator Giulierini of MANN was invited to The Getty Center for a talk about this project, the logo of NTNU is placed upfront. In one of the most important art magazine ARTE in Italy, National Taiwan Normal University is shown in bold.