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NTNU Won 3 Gold 4 Silver 2 Bronze at Computer Olympiad

Prof. Lin Shun-Shii from the Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering led his team for the 21st Computer Olympiad on July 7th to July 13rd. They defeated 100 contestants from 8 countries, winning 3 gold, 4 silver and 2 bronze medals.
The Computer Olympiad is a multi-games event in which computer programs compete against each other. For many games, the Computer Olympiads are an opportunity to claim the "world's best computer player" title. First contested in 1989, the majority of the games are board games but other games such as Bridge take place as well. In 2010, several puzzles were included in the competition. Prof. Lin Shun-Shii is the instructor of Aja Huang, who became the lead of AlphaGo and won Lee Sedol in 2016. Aja Huang was the winner of a gold medal in 2010 Computer Olympiad with his Go program Erica. 
This year, the Computer Olympiad and International Computer Games Association was held at National Taipei University. This year, the competition was fierce with more than 100 contestants from 8 countries. 
Seven programs competed for Nonogram. Chen Yen Chi won the game with note-worthy 772 seconds, only 25% of the runner up. Outer-Open Gomoku is a Gomoku introduced by Prof. Lin in 2012. Previously, the gold medal was taken by Chinese participants. This year, NTNU student Chen Yu Hen won the gold medal at full strength, which cheered the team up. A new category, Chinese checkers, started this year. Chen Chun Hao, who first attended the competition, topped the match and was very excited.