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An Oversea Apprenticeship in Sweden

National Taiwan Normal University has been given the fund for foreign education apprenticeship course and educational internship program by the Ministry of Education in the year of 2017. Under the support of the Office of Teacher Education and Careers Service, Associate Professor Lin Tzu Bin organized the program of "Flying to Northern Europe: apprenticeship program in Sweden". Five pre-service teachers were selected among applicants from different departments and went to Uppsala, Sweden for a two-week oversea apprenticeship program. 
Thanks to Uppsala University, who assisted in contacting Nannaskola middle school, Almunge skola elementary school and Vastra Stenhagenskolan school, the oversea apprentice program was held smoothly from August 25 to September 9. One to three teachers were assigned in each school to help the pre-service teacher for getting used to the environment of the school. Every pre-service teachers gave presentations about the culture, custom, language or education in Taiwan in different classes. 
Katarina Gahne, International Coordinator at Department of Education invited the pre-service teachers for a tour in a university to know more about the education system in Sweden. They learned about the teacher training program in Sweden and met with some professors that were about to come to Taiwan. 
All of the pre-service teachers have prepared lots of different topics to share with Swedish students. After the demonstration, Professor Lin discussed with the students about their performance. Swedish instructors also proposed some ideas and advice on improvement. The local students were highly interested in the activities, like paper cutting, language practicing, Taiwanese opera, prepared by Taiwanese students. 
This oversea apprentice program is an important step for the pre-service students. It's also crucial for NTNU to be connected to a Nordic country. The Department of Education of Uppsala and the instructors of the schools they visited all hope to keep in touch with the students after the two-week visit.