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NTNU Teams up with Concordian International School for IB Teachers

In December 2018, a IB workshop was held in NTNU. Vice Principal of Concordian International School, Bangkok, came back to NTNU and gave our pre-service teachers an informative and rewarding training.  Sally Wen, MYP Vice Principal of Learning & Teaching, has devoted to education for nearly 20 years. Now she's not only MYP Vice Principal of Learning & Teaching and MYP Coordinator and also a certified teacher. She is experienced in holding IB workshops. 
the workshop deepen and broaden students' understanding of IB, from the learner training objectives and the in-depth analysis of the IB syllabus guide. To the structure of knowledge, the learner-centered approach to teaching and learning, and to design in three levels, to guide teachers and students to raise facts and problems to the level of concept, and to think "why is this concept important?" Why do students need to learn this concept?
In this workshop, not only the content is about IB education. The seats in the classroom, the environment and the group discussion are all similar to the actual IB courses. The instructor often remind the students to think what's behind the question. She ask them what did they see, what did they do and the most important is what's in their mind. In this two day workshop, the instructor brought up news and it's an embodiment of connecting to real world in the design of IB courses. 
Sally Wen graduated from the class of 1992, Department of Chinese. She received an master's degree of Chinese Teaching also in NTNU. In 2017, she learned that the program of International Baccalaureate Educator Certificate started in NTNU and she contacted NTNU herself and hoped to be able to share her experience with the students. Wen said that it never occur to her that she could come back as an instructor and she hopes that all the pre-service teachers can keep learning, no matter at what stage of life. In February, the first pre-service teachers of IB program will go to Concordian International School for a two week practicum.