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27-year-old Dr. Lee to Teach at NTNU

Lee Yueh Ning, who received a double Doctoral degree in astronomy and astrophysics in France will be teaching in NTNU after her post-graduate studies. She said that although it's great to do research in France, she enjoys living in Taiwan more. 
Lee is an alumna of Taichung Girls High School. She was a double major in medicine and mechanical engineering at NTU. Now she's a scholar at IPGP (Institute de Physique du Globe de Paris). She went to France on exchange in her fifth year at Ecole Polytechnique and found that she was really interested in astronomy. Therefore, she decided to take a different path. At age 27, she received two PhD degrees in astronomy and astrophysics. 
When she was in NTU, she spent almost every summer in researching, including a math institute at Toronto, École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne in Switzerland and a special project research at Academia Sinica. In 2017, Lee received her doctoral degrees from Universite Paris Diderot and started her two year post-graduate studies at IPGP. She will be teaching at NTNU in September. She said that teaching will be part of her job and she could still have the time and fund to do her research. 
In general, the wages in France is higher than in Taiwan, but Lee thinks that the wage of a professor in France is not that good. What's more, she's one of the owners of the Eisenstein Project by the Ministry of Science and Technology so she will be receiving 5 million research found per year. She also thinks that Taiwan is a safer place compared to France. Lee has spent 7 years in France. She thinks that the French know how to fight for their rights and think about how to deal with it. She
Astronomy is a subject studied by many researchers in the world. Although there may be less people here in Taiwan compared to France, she thinks that there are lots of opportunities out there and one needs to reach out.