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Pre-service Teacher went to Sweden for Different Ideas

In 2019, the National Taiwan Normal University expanded its program of oversea visit. Outstanding pre-service students were selected and sent to 11 countries and regions to observe and teach in many middle schools. This year, we continue to work with Uppsala University. Assistant Professor Chen Hsin Heng from the College of Teacher Education helped with the training and lead five students to Uppsala from March 25th to April 7th. This year, the students were assigned to different schools according to their expertise. They have taught about Taiwanese culture, calligraphy writing and made pearl milk tea. The students enjoy the classes very much.
Sweden is a country that respects individual differences and emphasizes equality. Such values are also reflected in education. During the two-week internship process, the teachers and students found that the Swedish classroom is more about the students than the teacher, especially group discussion. The teacher will guide the discussion. In addition, the students are not put into different classes according to their level. Rankings and competitions are not emphasized. Although tutor is given to students with poor academic performance, the goal of a class is not to improve their grades. The teacher wants to improve students' interest of the subject. Therefore, more games, discussions, multimedia video are all included in the classroom. Pre-service teachers also mentioned that in teaching, compared to learning skills or knowledge, Sweden education emphasizes the moment of learning. Pre-service teachers also talk to many teachers in Sweden schools, to learn more about the Swedish education system and to observe the immigrants of Swedish and how refugees can be adapted to formal schools. They deeply understood the value of Swedish education, which is equality, inclusive and freedom.