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Prof. Russell Miller Gives Master Class at NTNU

On May 14th and 15th, the Graduate Institute of Performing Arts invited Russell Miller, a coach and teacher of vocal repertoire, to teach master class at NTNU. Prof. Russell Miller now teaches at Eastman School of Music at University of Rochester which ranked the first in the states. 
Three students sang in the master class, they are Shih-Yu Lee, who sang G. Fauré: Toujours; Adieu, from Poème d'un jour, Op. 21, accompanied by Ying-Ting Hong; Ya-Ping Hsu, who sang R. Schumann: Widmung; Der Nußbaum; Lied der Braut I, from Myrten, Op. 25, accompanied by Sin-Syuan Lin; Chueh-Yu Lai who sang C. Debussy: Il pleure dans mon coeur; Chevaux de bois. To each student, Prof. Miller gave different feedback. For example, when Ying-Ting Hong plays, he said that she need to play according to different pianos and adjust the piano fingering and the way of using piano paddles. He also pointed out different strategies in singing, especially when singing songs for different languages. The changed of sound in different part of music makes the music better.
In this master class, Prof. Miller mentioned three key points one has to be familiar with before signing. One is the singer and accompanist needs to fully understand the meaning of the song and is able to explain the song to the audience in plain language. Both needs to know about the notes played by the other side, so when rehearsing, they are creating the music and story together, not just to match up the speed. The third and most important one is that to practice like you are doing a performance.