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A Talk about Classic Literature at NTNU

On May 29th, Chair Professor Gareth Williams gave a talk, organized by the Center for General Education, at the auditorium with Associate Director of University Committee on Asia & the Middle East (UCAME) at Columbia University Rachel Chung and Associate Professor Daniel Hu at Graduate Institute of Translation and Interpretation. Prof. Williams shared some examples in Greek and Roman mythology including Cicero, Aeneid, Ovid and Pietro Bembo to support his ideas of finding similarity in different literature to create connection. 
Prof. Cheng said that in the 21st century, with the development of technology, people wants efficiency and speed. Patience and communication is often neglected. The goal of having symposiums is to promote active listening and communication. Through classic literature, we can know more about each other and re-think the moderate way to live peacefully in this society.  
This talk is founded by the prize of laureate of the second Tang Prize, late Prof. William Theodore de Bary. His student, Prof. Cheng has planned and prepared for this seminar for three years. The idea originates from the Core Curriculum of Columbia College. Prof. Cheng, entrusted by Professor de Bary, donated 10 million NTD to DB Global Humanities Foundation. He wanted to hold symposiums, in the spirit of Confucius, encourage young people to learn more about classic literature and to cultivate discussion leaders. 
The symposium of classic literature is not only for oriental civilization but also western culture. Prof. Cheng thinks that in the dynamic abundant history of Eastern and Western culture, we should discuss from different angle with compassion and understanding to eliminate the confrontation between generations. Chern Jenn Chuan, CEO of the Tang Prize Foundation, said that with the funding of the Tang Prize, the award winners contributes to the society no only in academic research but also passing on the legacy.