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A Step of Internationalization of NTNU, Signing with European Universities

Over the years, our students have shown strong interest in western universities when it comes to exchange programs. One of our important strategies in making NTNU a more internationalized university is to bond with European universities. In late June, President Wu Cheng Chih, Vice President Frank Yung-Hsiang Ying, Library Director Ke Hao Ren, Chair of the Department of Chinese as a Second Language and Associate Chen Jenn Yeu and Vice President Liu Yi De visited several prestigious universities in France and Germany including University of Bordeau, Aix-Marseille University and Paul Valéry University, Montpellier III in France, and University of Bayreuth in Germany.
The University of Bordeaux is one of the first universities in the Initiative d'excellence plan from the government. They have developed well in cross disciplinary teaching and internationalization. More than 6,000 international students study in the University of Bordeaux, which has 28 English teaching master's programs and 30 dual degree programs. The University of Bordeaux is the first choice of international students in France in 2018 and they have around 20 research labs with International members. Vice President Sandrine Rui visited NTNU in November 2018. There are two purposes of the visit of NTNU delegates. First, to sign the MOU in university level. Both universities will provide 3 spots each semester. Second, to learn from the University of Bordeaux in internationalization and school affairs. 
Aix-Marseille University is now the biggest university in terms of scale in France and French speaking world. The university as it is today was formed by the merger of the University of Provence, the University of the Mediterranean and Paul Cézanne University. It's also subsidized by IDEX program like the University of Bordeaux. We have been sister school since 2017 and we have an exchange program between the College of Liberal Arts. Their officer of International Affairs and Consultant of Asian region visited NTNU in October 2016. There are three purposes of the visit of NTNU delegates. First, to discuss the possibility of changing the exchange program to university level. Luckily, both sides have agreed on this with Vice President Sylvie Daviet and Officer of OIA Rosalind Boniface. Second, to discuss the possibility of cross-national research with professors in Chinese Language Learning such as Noël Dutrai, Philippe Che, Michel Dolinski and Laurent Prevot. Third, to visit the unit of Espace de recherche Gao Xingjian and to work on planning a similar unit in our library. 
The University of Montpellier is a French public research university in Montpellier in south-east of France. Established in 1289, the University of Montpellier is one of the oldest universities in the world. Université Paul-Valéry Montpellier 3 is known for arts, language and literature. President Patrick Gilli and Chair of the Department of Arts Antoine Verdier visited NTNU this May and expressed the interest of connecting with us. The goal of our visit is to meet their faculties in arts, performing arts, art history and film studies and to reach a consensus on teachers' visits and short term lecturing. 
The University of Bayreuth is a public research university situated in Bayreuth, Germany. It was founded in 1975 as a campus university focusing on international collaboration and interdisciplinarity. There are two purposes of the visit of NTNU delegates. First, to sign the MOU in university level. Both universities will provide 2 spots each semester. Second, to have a meeting with Dean Sylvia Mayer and Director Regina Richter on possibility of our cooperation on our linguistics units 
NTNU now have 347 sister schools and 83 of them are in Europe, which is nearly 25%. In short, the 9 day visit is intense but we have seen a great progress. Our students can now exchange in these universities and NTNU is surely benefit in internationalization, library cooperation and also some specific research filed in the long run.