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Alumni Open English-taught Courses at NTNU

According to the Office of International Affairs, foreign students in NTNU mostly study at the Dept. of Chinese as a Second Language and the Dept. of Business Administration. These are students who already speak Chinese. If we want to attract students who are not yet fluent in Chinese, we need to increase the number of English-taught courses. Now English-taught courses are available in English Department, Graduate Institute of International Human Resource Development, and master and phD programs at the Department of Math.
Now we have 460 English taught courses in NTNU, which is about 4% of all courses. The Office of Academic Affairs works with the Office of International Affairs and come up with a reward plan. if a teacher teaches in English, the course can be credited with 50% more teaching hours. If an applicant of a teaching position is able to teach in English, this ability will be taken into consideration. The offices organize workshops as 'English as a Medium of Instruction' to educate teachers with chair professors or oversea alumni.
The College of Education cooperates with the American Institute in Taiwan for the Fulbright Specialist Program and invited Prof. Hsu Chun Chieh, an alumnus, from the University of Toledo to come and teach at NTNU for six weeks and hold five weeks of English Essay writing workshop. Recently, Prof. Chung Kao, an alumnus, was invited to be visiting professor for English-taught courses for a month. He explains the content in simple language and asks students to work in groups, hoping to raise student's interest in theoretical high energy physics as well as in English.