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College of Sports and Recreation Visits Tsukuba University and Nihon University

Dean Chi Li Kang of College of Sports and Recreation lead five professors to the University of Tsukuba on September 30th. The event is about sports and recreation, mainly about Sports Biomechanics, Sports Psychology and Nutrition. Both parties have gave presentations about their expertise, specialized field and hoping that together they can apply for the research project at the Ministry of Science and Technology. 
In the afternoon, they had a tour at the famous Wind Tunnel Laboratory at Tsukuba University. The maximum airspeed of it is 55m/s in atmospheric condition and is an ideal tool for 2020 Tokyo Olympics in the research for the best material for athletes. 
On October 1st, the team had a meeting with 10 senior officials of Nihon University. They have introduced each other about the history of school, the colleges and their strength. Nihon University is a private research university in Japan which was founded by Yamada Akiyoshi, the Minister of Justice, in 1889. We have been friends with the College of Bioresource Sciences. Senior officials from Nihon University visited NTNU on May 2019 and met President Wu Cheng Chih, Vice President for International Affairs Liu Hsiang Lin and Dean Chi Li Kang and attended the sports performance. They are amazed by the breathtaking sports performances and praised that sports can be a kind of art. NTNU representatives visited the Sumo room, Kendo room, judo room, Zen room, gymnastics room, swimming pool, climbing ground, heavy training room, auditorium in Nihon University.  
The College of Sports and Recreation expects to bond with College of Bioresource Sciences of Nihon University for more opportunities for our students to exchange in Japan and for the cooperation between NTNU and Nihon University.