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Announcement on the Adjustment to Class Formats in NTNU

As a response to the pandemic and part of our efforts to minimize the congregation of people, resolutions have been passed in the March 18 and April 8 Academic and Executive Leadership Meetings stating that all courses with 60 or more enrolled students will switch to online instruction until the end of the semester. Since there had been confirmed cases of COVID-19 in NTNU, it was announced on April 3 that all classes will be held online from April 6 to April 17.

In accordance with CDC’s investigation and identifications, NTNU’s health selfmanagement and monitoring will last until April 13. All campuses were thoroughly sanitized. However, taking into consideration the long-distance courses with 60 or more enrolled students post-April 27 and the risks posed by the congregations at 11 tourist attractions during the Tomb-Sweeping holiday break, a resolution was passed in the Academic and Executive Leadership Meeting on April 13 that long-distance instruction will be extended until April 24 for all common core, general education, and teacher’s education courses.

There is also a consensus among our colleges that all professional courses will also extend their long-distance instruction to April 24. Essential laboratory activities will implement measures such as alternating schedules, mask wearing, and social distancing.

For future face-to-face classes, a minimum of 1.5 meters of social distancing should always be maintained in all classrooms and laboratories, or alternatively, masks should be worn at all times during classes. Please contact the Office of Academic Affairs to change classroom if you have any difficulty in implementing these measures. Sports courses are required to be conducted in well-ventilated rooms or outdoors. Instructors are required to take attendance, either by hand or through the scanning of QR codes.

Office of Academic Affairs, NTNU

April 14, 2020