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Dean of School of Learning Informatics Tsai Chin Chung awarded as the Honorary life-time National Chair Professor

The ceremony of the 23rd National Chair Professorships, the 2nd National Award for Distinguished Contribution to Industry-Academia Cooperation and the 63rd Academic Awards was held by the Ministry of Education on June 9th. Dean of School of Learning Informatics Tsai Chin Chung receives his second National Chair Professorship this year and was honored to be the Honorary life-time National Chair Professor.


The Ministry of Education stated that National Chair Professor Tsai is an important scholar in the field of science education and mathematics learning in Taiwan. Professor Tsai’s research is based on the concept of transformationism, spanning various research aspects of education, including students’ scientific thinking and multiple representations of cognitive structure. He has conducted groundbreaking empirical research and published excellent papers in epistemologists, the establishment of online learning environment, and the characteristics of learners. Professor Tsai has made outstanding achievements in teaching and talent cultivation. Among the scholars he has taught in the field of science and education and the number of scholars, many have won the Ministry of Science and Technology Outstanding Research Award and Ta-You Wu Memorial Award.


President Tsai Ing-wen served as the presenter of the award. In addition to recognize the contributions of the winners, President Tsai expressed the government's value in academic research, technical and vocational education, and higher education. Facing trend of competitive global talent and to cultivate the high-quality educators and enhance the university' vision, attracting top international talents and keeping outstanding domestic scholars, the Ministry of Education continued to assist university teachers to work on teaching and research. Starting in 2018, a 5-year “Higher Education Program” is to improve the teaching quality and student learning efficiency. The Yushan Scholar Program by the Ministry of Education started in 2018. The object is to attract the world’s elite by providing internationally competitive salaries and benefits so that their expertise can take root in Taiwan’s academic environment and increase the international impact of Taiwan’s

higher education. In addition to connecting research results and industry-university cooperation, the Ministry of Education has also made efforts to strengthen the technical and vocational education policy in recent years.