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The Opening of Global Research & Industry Alliance(GLORIA) at NTNU


The open ceremony of GLORIA@NTNU was held on July 16. The Global Research & Industry Alliance (GLORIA) Centered on Universities combining the advantages of cross-field and interdisciplinary integration, focusing on the three major areas of "smart education, Chinese language technology, and healthy living". The goal of GLORIA is to take advantage of diversified industry-university cooperation and connect the world. Guests from the industry gathered to witness the team of NTNU exerting its strengths and bringing fruitful results.

The event took place on the third floor of the Industrial Connection Building of NTNU. Nearly a hundred guests and industry venders participated in the event. The event invited professors and their remarkable work from all different kinds of field, including Chinese language learning platform, the green energy vehicle and the best system design and energy management, the photoelectric AIoT of the biotechnology team, intelligent magnetic biomedicine, low electromagnetic shielding, sports technology, the hypothesis generation model of deep learning and its robot application, the robot magician/human-computer interaction and the attention mechanism, the manufacture of superoxide dismutase bionic enzyme.

In the opening remarks, President Wu said that "education" is the biggest strength of National Taiwan Normal University, but it is not the only subject that has outstanding performance. In recent years, through cross-discipline integration and diversified cooperation, National Taiwan Normal University has become best university of majors in art and humanities in Taiwan. We combine innovative technology with humanity education, such as artificial intelligence, natural language processing, AR, and VR. We bring technologies closer to life. This is one of our most outstanding and special R&D energy.

Chief Executive Lin Ya Ping explained that one of the biggest goals of GLORIA is to integrate the resources within the school, and connect the research and development results of cross-discipline, cross-school and cross-border cooperation and avoid point-to-point contacts between the academic community and the industry. GLORIA can create a win-win situation for the academic community and the industry.