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The International Outlook of NTNU, best in Taiwan Universities in Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2020/2021


Times Higher Education has announced the latest World University Rankings 2020/2021 in early September and National Taiwan Normal University is ranked 606th in the world, 46 places higher than last year. A closer look at the various indicators reveals that NTNU's score for International Outlook remains top 1 in Taiwan. The score of our Research results rose dramatically, which proves that the measures taken for improving the quality of paper and internationalization are effective ones.

The rankings are the result of comparison of teaching, research, citations, international outlook and industry income. The rankings are available in the global scale, geographically and by subject. NTNU Ranked 23rd Globally in Education in World University Rankings 2019/2020 by Subject and 201 to 250 in humanities.

According to the Office of Institutional Research of NTNU, the grading of Citation changed two years ago. Papers with multiple authors can be included and the indicator accounts for 30% of the total grade. As a result, medial universities are benefited from this change. NTNU has still achieved an impressive improved result compared to last year, which is an effort shared by faculty, students, and alumni.


A closer look to the rankings, NTNU has achieved improvement in Research, International Outlook, Teaching and Industry Income. Executive Vice President Greg Chung-Mou Lee said that the goal of running a university is not to compete for the rankings, however, the indicators can be used to self-examine the result of the management of a university.


NTNU is now a comprehensive university and we will keep building a good environment that provoke students to learn and study. In the face of covid-19 in 2020, our students learn better through distance education. We will keep working on the cultivation of talents that are eager to learn, pursue the truth, and increase the benefit of society.