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To Quit Smoking and to Persuade Other Smokers to Quit Are the Right Things to Do, Professor Says

<p>By Kevin Tang<br /> Campus Reporter</p> <p>Taipei Medical University Department of Public Health Associate Professor Chen Ruey-yu (陳叡瑜) urged National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU) audiences to stay away from tobacco and help smokers to quit at the same time, during a seminar at Classroom Cheng 101 on the main campus today.</p> <p>&quot;Health related problems that would come along with smoking should be paid more attention thatn how it is regarded today,&rdquo; Chen said.</p> <p>Speaking to a total of 60 students and NTNU staff members, Chen said that a total of 30 percent deaths of cancer would be related to smoking, and the figures are still increasing.</p> <p>&quot;Every year, a total of five million people succumb to smoking-related diseases such as lung cancer and oral cancer and it was estimated that this figures will be doubled in 2020 if we do nothing to help people quit smoking,&rdquo; Chen said.</p> <p>Chen would encourage people to quit smoking and help convince smokers to quit at the same time.</p> <p>&quot;A burning cigarette would release 200 type of harmful chemicals into the air that everyone breaths, so the impact will not be limited to smokers only.&nbsp; It is not just a problem of ethics,&rdquo; Chen said.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>