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Mandarin Learners Practice the Language and Learn More about Chinese Clothing at the Same Time

<p>By Adrien Stoloff<br /> Campus Reporter</p> <p>Nine foreign students got together, practiced their Mandarin and discussed clothing with six Taiwanese volunteer students during a Chinese chat room activity on the main campus today, while snacks and oolong tea were served at the scene.</p> <p>&quot;I did not learn so many new words, but I did get to talk to some Taiwanese students and practice my Mandarin,&rdquo; said Chikako Otani, an intermediate-level student of Mandarin at the Mandarin Training Center.</p> <p>Otani made a short speech during the event about how Japanese students would dress themselves at the center.</p> <p>In addition to Otani from Japan, foreign students from Thailand, the US, and Macau participated in the activity by discussing the topic they were given &ndash; the difference between Eastern and Western clothing styles &ndash; in Mandarin.&nbsp; The event began when student volunteer Wu Jia-rong (吳佳容) presented photographs of different types of clothes and encouraged the nine foreign students to begin their conversations.</p> <p>The chat room is a regular activity, held every two weeks, where foreign learners and Taiwanese volunteer students chat in Chinese.&nbsp; Office of International Affairs Assistant Coordinator Nicole Hsiung (熊子誼) said that the activity was launched last semester on the main campus &ldquo;to help foreign students improve their Chinese language ability as well as learn about Chinese culture.&rdquo;</p> <p>After a Thai student gave a speech about the difference between Thai and Taiwanese high school uniforms, the event drew to a close.&nbsp; In addition to learning Mandarin, these nine foreign students also made new friends at the scene as they were busy exchanging contact information with each other.</p> <p>&quot;I was glad I got to learn about different cultures during this session,&rdquo; Otani said.</p>