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<2008 Sports Day>Four Teams Become Finalists While Music Department Withdraws from Cheerleaders Competition

<p>By Bunny Chen, Joanna Tung and Kevin Tang<br /> Campus Reporters</p> <p>Four teams were chosen as the finalists for the cheerleaders&rsquo; competition tonight when the Department of Music, which has won six championships from the event, decided to withdraw this year.</p> <p>The four teams were Department of Mathematics, Department of Graphic Arts Communication, Department of Civic Education and Leadership and Department of Industrial Technology Education.&nbsp; They will be performing during the grand opening of National Taiwan Normal University&rsquo;s (NTNU) Sports Day tomorrow, which will also be the finals for the competition.&nbsp; The championship will be decided and announced on Saturday, when the Sports Day ends.</p> <p>Joined by 24 teams from different departments, the competition at the gym began at 7pm and ended around 9:30pm.</p> <p>Department of Geography cheerleaders&rsquo; conductor Rudolf Lin (林肇冠) used to be a fan for music department cheerleaders&rsquo; performances.&nbsp; He was sorry for not seeing them again this year.</p> <p>&quot;It is a pity,&rdquo; he said.&nbsp; &ldquo;They always came up with the best show.&rdquo;</p> <p>Starting from last year, dancing and creativity became the most important factors for adjudicators to decide the winners instead of those hardcore athletic gymnastic moves due to safety concerns.</p> <p>&quot;Pirates&rdquo; became the favorite theme for many teams of the event this year.&nbsp; Among these 24 teams, Department of Graphic Arts Communication&rsquo;s and Department of Industrial Education&rsquo;s pirates seemed to be the most popular since they won the most screams and applauses at the scene.</p> <p>Department of Physical Education distributed free tickets to all departments due to a concern of limited available seats at the gym.&nbsp; Audiences without tickets were directed and escorted to the auditorium where a close-circuit video system was established so what happened inside the gym was being streamed and projected on the screen, courtesy of the Information and Technology Center, at the same time.&nbsp; The video was also being streamed via the Internet.</p> <p>An additional 70 people were allowed to enter the gym when volunteer staff members of the event realized that lots of professors and students who had tickets did not come to the event.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>