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<2008 Sports Day>Sports Day Carnival Helps Deliver the Message of the Athletic Spirit

<p>By Joanna Tung<br /> Campus Reporter</p> <p>While athletes were competing with each other on the fields, Graduate Institute of Sports and Leisure Management students tried to tell more people how fun it is to participate in sports-related activities by organizing the &ldquo;sports carnival&rdquo; on the Sunshine Boulevard today and tomorrow.</p> <p>&quot;The event would be a good internship opportunity for students to learn to organize activities,&rdquo; said Maurice Wu (吳巧婷), a staff member for the institute.</p> <p>A total of 22 booths were established at the scene, where students set up lots of different games, which were all related to real sports match-ups such as baseball, basketball or so, for whoever was interested in participating in the Sports Day, not as athletes, but as audiences.</p> <p>Among all those games, korfball was highlighted at its booth, as the game will be one of those sports for the 2009 World Games in Kaohsiung.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>