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<2008 Sports Day>Department of Physical Education's Juniors Win the "Best Athletic Spirit Award" in an Alternative Way

<p>By Kevin Tang<br /> Campus Reporter</p> <p>Department of Physical Education juniors won the &ldquo;Best Athletic Spirit Award&rdquo; for their participation in the athletic competition as well as their offering various services, including all kinds of administrative work and organizing the entire Sports Day activities, when the two-day event ended today.</p> <p>&quot;This is an alternative success or us,&rdquo; said Lin Shu-fan (林書範), a junior from the department.</p> <p>Prior to this year&rsquo;s event, the &ldquo;Best Athletic Spirit Award&rdquo; usually went to the team with the most medals.&nbsp; This year, the award belongs to Department of Physical Education&rsquo;s juniors because in addition to their participation in the event, these college athletes were also responsible for organizing the entire Sports Day related activities, which is regarded as a traditional responsibility that belongs to all juniors every year.</p> <p>&quot;We all tried our best and I am glad we made it,&rdquo; Lin said.</p> <p>Lin said that his fellow classmates have aimed at the award ever since their freshmen year.&nbsp; To do that, every one of them participated in at least one game during this year&rsquo;s competition.&nbsp; Most of them returned with medals.</p> <p>Dylan Huang (黃文宏) won the gold of men&rsquo;s high jump with a score of 1.93 meters. His best record of 2 meters remains unbeatable.</p> <p>Lin Yen-fang (林艷芳) won in women&rsquo;s high jump with a score of 1.57 meters.&nbsp; Lin Ya-hsin (林雅馨) won in both women&rsquo;s disc and women&lsquo;s shot put.</p> <p>Meanwhile, students from other departments also won some medals.&nbsp; Department of Athletic Performance sophomore Li Shih-ping (李詩屏) won the gold of women&rsquo;s javelin with a score of 34.41 meters.&nbsp; Physical Education Department freshman Chen Kuan-lun (陳冠綸) won the title of men&rsquo;s with 58.72 meters.</p> <p>For amateur athletes, Huang Kuan-chun (黃冠群) of Department of Mathematics won te gold of men&rsquo;s long jump, with a score of 5.62 meters.&nbsp; Rosa Tse (謝鎔善), an overseas student from Hong Kong, won her gold medal with 3.76 meters in women&rsquo;s long jump.&nbsp; In men&rsquo;s shot put, Harry Huang (黃志聰) from Hong Kong brought the gold home with a record of 8.84 meters.&nbsp; In women&rsquo;s softball throw, Fu I-hsuan (傅怡瑄) of the Department of Science won herself a gold medal with the record of 39.82 meters.</p> <p>The two-day event ended around 6:30pm.</p>