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NTNU Helps More Students to Finish High School

<p>By Bunny Chen<br /> Campus Reporter</p> <p>A fund raising activity was organized by the National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU), NTNU Alumni Association and the Light Up Cultural Association and introduced today to help minority students finish their junior and high school education.</p> <p>During a press conference, NTNU Office of University Relations Director Jerry Hsia (夏學理) said that approximately 140,000 junior and high school students could not afford their lunch and additional 50,000 of them could not afford their text books.</p> <p>&quot;I hereby encourage my fellow teachers to donate their consumer vouchers when they receive them so we can help these students,&rdquo; he said.</p> <p>As a professor of performing arts and a director of the university&rsquo;s public relations, Hsia took advantage of his creativity to promote the charity activity by naming it as &ldquo;Hoping Download&rdquo; because the activity is co-organized by NTNU and NTNU is located on Hoping East Rd.</p> <p>Meanwhile, Legislative Speaker Wang Jin-pyng (王金平), who is also the head of NTNU Alumni Association, donated NT$3,600 at the scene.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>