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New Linkou Library, Opened

<p>LIBRARY</p> <p>By Kevin Tang<br /> Campus Reporter</p> <p>The National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU) Linkou Campus celebrated the opening of its new library this morning, bringing an end to five months of renovation work, which cost NT$15 million (US$450,000).</p> <p>President Gou Yih-shun (郭義雄), along with main campus librarian Chen Chiao-chen (陳昭珍) and other guests, cut the red ribbons before approximately 100 Linkou students and teachers, who came to visit their new library in spite of a cold weather.</p> <p>&quot;With this new library, we will not have to go all the way to the main campus if we need to check out books,&rdquo; said Kathy Chen (陳懷地), a freshman from the Department of East Asian Culture and Development.</p> <p>Linkou librarian Rosemary Tsai (蔡金燕) recognized project designers Mark Casting Partnership Architects &amp; Planners&rsquo; (印記聯合建築師事務所) creativity in terms of their work, such as the inclusion of discussion rooms, media lounges and a &ldquo;leisure reading room&rdquo; containing several series of comic books.</p> <p>&quot;What we had in mind was to make this library a place for everyone to relax, study, and socialize at the same time,&rdquo; said Peter Lee (李磊哲), director for the Mark Casting Partnership Architects &amp; Planners.</p> <p>Lee said that among the NT$ 15,000,000 for the construction of the building, NT$7 million was spent on air conditioners, which were inexistent in the building before.</p> <p>&quot;Our architects had to do the most with limited resources,&rdquo; Lee said.&nbsp; &ldquo;And I believe they have achieved pretty satisfying results.&rdquo;</p> <p>After almost half a year of renovations, the Linkou Campus Library is ready to house its staff of eight full-time emplyees, 20 part-time employees, and a total of 100,000 archives at the disposition of all Linkou users.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>