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NTNU Albert Schweitzers – Unselfish Devotion to Students in Remote Areas

Since its establishment 63 years ago, NTNU has nurtured numerous educational personnel. Some of our brilliant alumni have devoted more than 20 years of their life serving in remote areas. Their spirits could be compared with that of Albert Schweitzer. NTNU invited 7 of them to come back to their alma mater to honor their educational devotion as well as achievement. They are: Lai Song-Peng, Lin Ying-Sheng, Li Mei-Fu, Huang Yu-Xia, Cai Guang-Guo, Shi Ping-An, and Chen Jian-Zhi. Principle Guo Yih-Shun applauded their dedication, and regarded them as the best example of NTNU motto – honesty, diligence and simplicity.