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International Cultural English Camp--Introduction Ceremony

<div style="TEXT-JUSTIFY: inter-ideograph; TEXT-INDENT: 12pt"> <div style="TEXT-JUSTIFY: inter-ideograph; TEXT-INDENT: 12pt"><span><font face="Arial">&ldquo;We are in a global village.&rdquo; Chuang said, &ldquo;Globalization brings us together to a small community, and thus we need to be rooted locally and think globally.&rdquo; In other words, being international is one of the paramount tasks in such an era, and English is the key and basic tool to communicate with the world. In the camp, therefore, English is the only language used.&nbsp;</font>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;</span>&nbsp;</div> <div style="TEXT-JUSTIFY: inter-ideograph; TEXT-INDENT: 12pt">After the introduction ceremony, attendants were divided into small groups and given 30 minutes to discuss their team-work presentations for the events in the evening.&nbsp;Being shortly interviewed, several attendants shared their feelings and expectations about the international English camp. </div> <div style="TEXT-JUSTIFY: inter-ideograph"></div> <div style="TEXT-JUSTIFY: inter-ideograph; TEXT-INDENT: 12pt">James, a senior boy with enchanting smile, is from the University of Missouri, studying in International Agribusiness Management in the U.S.&nbsp;He emphasized that he loves traveling, experiencing different cultures, and learning lost of things in the camp.&nbsp;&ldquo;People here are very friendly,&rdquo; he said.&nbsp;Because today (July 23th) is his second day in Taiwan, he hasn&rsquo;t had a chance to visit Taiwan&rsquo;s famous night markets or scenery resorts yet.&nbsp;But he told us that he wanted to pay a visit at the beaches and bars in Taiwan.</div> <div style="TEXT-JUSTIFY: inter-ideograph; TEXT-INDENT: 12pt"></div> <div style="TEXT-JUSTIFY: inter-ideograph; TEXT-INDENT: 12pt">Pizza, a petite girl, comes from Thailand.&nbsp;She said that in Thailand, she has many friends coming from Taiwan, so it is not the first time when she encounters Taiwanese people.&nbsp;Speaking of the food in Taiwan, which differs from that of Thailand&rsquo;s sour and spicy taste, Pizza said that she is adapted well and she even thinks that the Taiwanese rice is more delicious than that in her country!</div> <div style="TEXT-JUSTIFY: inter-ideograph; TEXT-INDENT: 12pt"></div> <div style="TEXT-JUSTIFY: inter-ideograph; TEXT-INDENT: 12pt">Tomono Ogura is a trendy, shy Japanese girl from New Zealand, and she is a Bachelor of Arts.&nbsp;She anticipates to make many friends here and to sharpen her English speaking in such an English-only context.&nbsp;Tomono, waiving her hands, said that Taipei is pretty hot in comparison with Japan or New Zealand.&nbsp;Also, she told us that Chinese food is a little too greasy and sweet.&nbsp;It seems that the weather and the food are the foremost tasks for Tomono to overcome in terms of culture differences.&nbsp;</div> <div style="TEXT-JUSTIFY: inter-ideograph; TEXT-INDENT: 12pt"></div> <div>&nbsp;&nbsp;After the introduction ceremony, the 2007 International Cultural English Camp is going to enrich the attendants in the following days.</div> </div>