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New Access for Foreign Exchange Students to Join NTNU

<div style="TEXT-JUSTIFY: inter-ideograph">BY AN-LIN SUN</div> <div style="TEXT-JUSTIFY: inter-ideograph; TEXT-INDENT: 12pt">When speaking of foreign exchange students in NTNU, the first impression in mind may be the Mandarin Training Center, which prepares these students an array of Mandarin learning courses.&nbsp;Other than classroom curriculum, learning tour, or reunion party, what else can NTNU provide for these foreign students to take part in the school activities opening to all students at NTNU?&nbsp;Do they have adequate information and access to get in touch and communicate with Chinese students?&nbsp;<span>&nbsp;&nbsp;</span></div> <div style="TEXT-JUSTIFY: inter-ideograph; TEXT-INDENT: 12pt">This year, previous sections concerning exchange students affairs are integrated into one section--Office of International Affairs, which will be an official platform built to aggregate foreign and Chinese students like a big family.&nbsp;According to director of Office of International Affairs, Dr. Kun-Liang Chuang, this forthcoming organization has already had some creative plans, such as establishment of an &ldquo;international lounge&rdquo; for students to meet, discuss, or hold speeches and activities.&nbsp;Owing to the reason that foreign students come from diverse countries worldwide, it is also possible to arrange an &ldquo;international week&rdquo; for them to introduce their own countries, and at the same time for Chinese students to have a better understanding of other countries. </div> <div style="TEXT-JUSTIFY: inter-ideograph">&nbsp;With the constitution of the Office of International Affairs, it is hoped that all the scenarios are going to be realized quickly and smoothly, thus benefit not only exchange students, but also indigenous Chinese students at NTNU.<span>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;</span></div>