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College of Sports and Recreation Visits Tsukuba University and Nihon University

Dean Chi Li Kang of College of Sports and Recreation lead five professors to the University of Tsukuba on September 30th. The event is about sports and recreation, mainly about Sports Biomechanics, Sports Psychology and Nutrition. Both parties have gave presentations about their expertise, specialized field and hoping that together they can apply for the research project at the Ministry of Science and Technology.

NTNU Students Tang Chia Hung and Su Ping Chuan to participate in 2020 Olympics

Members of Taiwan men's gymnastics team include Su Ping Chuan, Lee Chih Kai, Shiao Yu Jan, Tang Chia Hung and Yu Chao Wei scored 250.093 at the 2019 World Artistic Gymnastics Championships held in Stuttgart, Germany, and secured their spots at the Olympics 2020. They attended the final as No. 8 and ended as No. 6, the best record in team in history. Tang Chia Hung also stands out in individual all-around and horizontal bar.

NTNU Signed MOU with Haskins Laboratories from Yale

Due to the establishment of NTNU-Haskins Joint Laboratory of Brain Development and Learning, Academician of Academia Sinica Ovid Tzeng, Prof. Daisy L. Hung, Prof. Kenneth Pugh, the Director of Research at Haskins Laboratories, Vice President of Finance & Administration and Prof. Joseph Cardone, UNESCO Chair on Inclusive Literacy Learning for All, University of Jyväskylä Heikki Lyytinen came to NTNU and had a discussion about future cooperation with President Wu Cheng Chih and Executive Vice President Sung Yao Ting. The MOU was signed and both parties expect that with the establishment of the laboratory, more outstanding scholars can be linked together.

NTNU EMBA Visited Kyushu and Yamaguchi, Japan

The group of EMBA students visited Japan on September 8th to 13th, lead by Vice President Frank Yung-Hsiang Ying, Dean of the College of Management Chou De Wai, Director Wang Shih Ju and Prof. Lin Shu Jou. In addition to the excursion teaching to the sister schools like Kyushu University and Yamaguchi University, and the visit to a number of well-known companies including Yamaguchi Bank, MAZDA Mazda Factory in Hofu, and the production of the famous Dassi sake, the team even visited Yamaguchi Prefecture, which is the home of many politicians and Hofu City Government, they were received by Yamaguchi Prefecture Governer Tsugumasa Muraoka.

New Southbound Policy of College of Education, uniting with three Indonesian Universities

The Academic Alliance of Humanities of New Southbound Project visited Jakarta and Bandung in Indonesia to build relationship. The College of Education of NTNU is the organizer of the Academic Alliance of Humanities of New Southbound Project of the Ministry of Education. From September 9th to 12th, Vice Dean Kuo Jong Long, Vice Dean Mao Chin Ju and Dean Pan Shu Man of the College of International Studies and Social Sciences, Vice Dean Liao Shyue Cherng of College of Liberal Arts visited universities in Jakarta and Bandung along with other professors from NTU, NCCU, NTHU and NCKU.