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The Institute for Research Excellence of NTNU to shine Internationally

Since 2013, under the support of the National Science Council, we started a Institute for Research Excellence In Learning Sciences with Pennsylvania State University. In 2018, we have received the fund from the Global Taiwan of the Higher Education Sprout Project from the Ministry of Education.

Practicum in Indonesia, A New Experience for Pre-service Teachers

To encourage our pre-service teachers to go to different places and to see the world, Prof. Jamie Chang from the College of Teacher Education initiated a program of practicum at Jakarta Taipei School, with the support of the Office of Teacher Education and Careers Service. The practicum took place in two places, 4 months in Taiwan and 2 months abroad.

Yale Professors Talks about Research Ethics at NTNU

The Center of Research Ethics invited Prof. Marc Potenza from Yale University and Assistant Prof. Sarah Yip to come talk about the case study of research ethics . Executive Vice President Sung Yao Ting, Vice President Hsu Ying Shao of the Office of Research and Development, Minister of the Research Ethics Committee Tony Lee all came to this sharing.

NTNU to host the 2021 Asia-Pacific International Conference on Technology Education

Asia-Pacific International Conference on Technology Education, ICTE, is the premier forum for the presentation of new trends, advances and research results in the fields of Education & Technology. It brings together leading educators, Software developers, scientists, researchers, school principals, Education Administrators, Student Councilors, PhD students & Master Students from around the world. The members comes from Japan, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong and the US. The charter of ICTE was signed in Taiwan in 1997 and the 11th conference was held in Korea in January 2019.

Torch of 2017 Summer Universiade in NTNU

On January 17th, the torch of Taipei 2017 Summer Universiade, a symbol of peace, light and bond, was given to President Wu Cheng Chih by Deputy Mayor Deng Chia Chi. NTNU athletes have been bringing home medals and honors in various competition. On the ceremony, representatives of 1987 and 2017 gathered together. This is an especially meaningful event.