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NTNU Teams up with Concordian International School for IB Teachers

In December 2018, a IB workshop was held in NTNU. Vice Principal of Concordian International School, Bangkok, came back to NTNU and gave our pre-service teachers an informative and rewarding training. Sally Wen, MYP Vice Principal of Learning & Teaching, has devoted to education for nearly 20 years. Now she's not only MYP Vice Principal of Learning & Teaching and MYP Coordinator and also a certified teacher. She is experienced in holding IB workshops.

Cooperation between NTNU and PSU Promotes Academic Research Projects

The sister schools program established in 1998 between National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU) and Pennsylvania State University (PSU) has brought frequent opportunities for exchange and has succeeded in developing a strong partnership between the institutions. In late November 2018, NTNU President Cheng-Chih Wu led a delegation of professor representatives in a trip to Penn State University, where the representatives gained first-hand knowledge of Penn State University development plan. During the trip, the delegation also met in fruitful discussion with Penn State President Eric Barron.

Taiwan team unveils self-proclaimed world's smallest AI chip

A team of Taiwanese researchers and a tech company on Friday jointly unveiled what they called the world's smallest AI chip, which is 0.7 centimeters square.

NTNU Shines at Chinese Learning Technology

The goal of Chinese Language and Technology Center is to become a top-notch center for Mandarin teaching and research center, with cross-field integration in linguistics, physiology, learning technology and Assessment & Evaluation. Looking back in 2018, we have reached a breakthrough in the development of basic knowledge, learning platform and teaching method of Chinese teaching. The Chinese Language and Technology Center has actively expanded the new horizons of Chinese language technology. The platform for Chinese learning has been promoted to international schools and educational centers at home and abroad, including South Korea, Singapore, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia and Thailand.

Erasmus+ program for NTNU students to study at EU

Studying abroad is no longer just a dream! Four universities in the European Union, including the Department of Asian Studies, Palacky University in Olomouc, Pärnu College, University of Tartu, Universidad Rey Juan Carlos in Spain and Uppsala University in Sweden are our partners at the Erasmus program. We encourage students to study in Europe and learn from international peers.