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Research from NTNU shows Scientific Chinese Medicine Can be Applied to Pets

With the phenomenon of declining birthrates, aging society, cats and dogs are treated as family members. It’s predicted that by the second half of this year, the number of cats and dogs in Taiwan will exceed that of children under 15. When there are more aged pets who may suffer from chronic diseases and common diseases of elder animals it is urgent to promote the care of aged pets.

President Wu Presents Flag to MTC Dragon Boat Team

Due to the impact of the epidemic, the dragon boat races this year in Taiwan have been scaled down. The MTC Dragon boat is composed of students from across the world but many foreign students cannot come to Taiwan this year. To continue the 44-year tradition, experienced teammates shouldered the responsibility and picked up the paddles again. President Wu Cheng Chih presented the flag to the captain Howard Hok Gay Li and encouraged the teammates in their last practice.

Graduation Ceremony for class of 2020, greetings from Taiwan and Abroad

The graduation ceremony of class 2020 was held on June 13th for 4145 graduates Chair Professor, Nobel laureate Gao Xingjian who now lives in Paris and Minister of Health and Welfare Chen Shih Chung recorded videos for graduates.

Let’s Flip! Global Village Eng the Class: Activity III ‘Classroom Activity’

In order to promote exchanges between NTNU students and international students, the Office of International Affairs Office of National Taiwan Normal University, the Foreign Languages ​​Section of the Joint Education Committee and the Mandarin Training Center cooperated to hold the last "Flip Classroom- Classroom Activity" on May 15, 2020. International students from 15 different countries interacted with 30 NTNU students and exchange ideas in groups of three.

High MOE Outgoing Exchange Student Scholarship received from the Ministry of Education in 2020

Every year, NTNU would apply for the "Study Abroad" Scholarship Series from the Ministry of Education with the goal of encouraging Taiwanese students to go abroad and broaden their horizons while working towards their degree. This year, the Ministry of Education has announced the list of MOE Outgoing Exchange Student Scholarship, which is made up of 107 local tertiary institutions. NTNU, along with 5 other universities, has received 5.4 million NTD in scholarship grant, the highest figure ever awarded to an individual institution.