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Dr. Tobie Stein Gives Lectures at NTNU

The Art management and marketing forum, hosted by the Graduate Institute of Performing arts of NTNU, was held on November 30th. Dr. Tobie S. Stein, the Director of the graduate program in performing arts management was invited to the forum. Prof. Stein started lecturing for 8 days at NTNU and was welcomed by President Wu and other senior administrators on November 27th.

President of Stockholm School of Economics Came to NTNU

President Lars Strannegård and Director of Quality Assurance Ms. Kajsa Anna-Karin Fung from the Stockholm School of Economics visited NTNU in October. Vice President Ying Yung Hsiang, Associate Vice President Liu Yi De, Dean Chou De Wai and Associate Professor Lin Tzu Bin welcomed the guests happily.

MTC student Tops at 2018 Foreign Students Chinese Public Speaking Competition

2018 Foreign Students Chinese Public Speaking Competition was held at National Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall on November 6th. Under the instruction of the teachers of MTC, 6 students out of 76 speakers receives the first prize, the third prize and 4 honorary mentions.

Outstanding Alumna Nancy Rao Received Award from The American Musicological Society for her Publication

Outstanding Alumna of NTNTU, Prof. Nancy Rao, Head of the Music Theory Department, was presented with the Music in American Culture Award for her book Chinatown Opera Theatre in North America: The transformation of Chinese Music into American Music in the Early Twentieth Century (University of Illinois Press, 2017). This award is to recognize her achievement personally but also the major contribution the Chinese American has to the society and culture in the states. NTNU students and teachers shared this good news and President Wu praised Rao for her accomplishment academically in the field of music.

Alumnus Lee Ming Feng speaks at IAVE World Volunteer Conference

Lee Ming Feng, who has 16 years of volunteering experience and has summoned by the president for seven times, gave a speech at the 25th IAVE World Volunteer Conference as a Taiwanese representative on October 18th to volunteer leaders and representatives.