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Online Program for Teaching Chinese as Second Language, Apply by 4/30

The on-the-job training program for Teaching Chinese as Second Language is now open for enrollment till April 30th. With the economic growth in China, Chinese has become a dominate language in the world. Do you work in the Chinese-related industry and want to gain knowledge, enhance your ability or want to learn the latest research and development of Chinese language teaching technology? We welcome you to apply the on-the-job training program for Teaching Chinese as Second Language in 2017.

Russian Language Courses Available at NTNU

Russia is one of the world's largest economic bodies. About 250 million people speak Russian. Now, you can learn Russian at NTNU. This semester, the College of International Studies and Social Sciences will open the course called "Russian language (a) (course code-I0U0001), welcoming all the students to learn Russian.

Yen Chun Chieh Helps Bringing Great Pianists to Taiwan

The first Music Fest Perugia in Taipei will made its debut in NTNU In 2017 on February 12th to 19th. 15 great musicians will come to this event and about 180 master classes will be held. There’s also an All Star Concert and a competition for young musicians. Associate Professor Yen Chun Chieh, the art director of the event, said that the 35 students selected in the program will join the competition for young musicians and the winner will participate in the music concert with Taipei Philharmonic Youth Orchestra in National Recital Hall.

NTNU Discovers the Secret of Autotomy

Birdwatchers often report their bird watching records to the database of Chinese Wild Bird Federation, but little did they know that their efforts can be a key to disclose the secret of tail regeneration. Students and teacher from the Department of Life Science solved the puzzle of caudal autotomy with the help of the long term database from Chinese Wild Bird Federation. The study was published on Proceeding of the Royal Society B.

Alumni Hou Shih Kuang was selected as Proud of Taiwan 2017

In 2010, Global Views Monthly presented an issue about the proud of Taiwan, reporting on people that stand up the global stage. Prof. Hou Shih Kuang who graduated from the Department of Industrial Education, now teaching at the Department of Technology Application and Human Resource Development was selected because of his contribution for educating the winners of International contests.