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“Empowered and Take Actions” Remarks by University President at the Commencement

Today we celebrate the Commencement of Class 2020. On behalf of the University, I congratulate you and your families on your academic achievements, and wish you a splendid new chapter in life. Today’s Commencement marks the ceremonial first day of your life out of the NTNU campus. As your NTNU family, we send you our warmest wishes and congratulations!

NTNU Department of Special Education awarded 2020 Pilot Overseas Internship Program Grant

The Ministry of Education announced the winners of the 2020 Pilot Overseas Internship Program at the end of May 2020. This year, a total of six projects were submitted by NTNU. One of the projects is a collaboration between NTNU and the Gifted Education Resource Institute of Purdue University and the School of Lifespan Development and Educational Sciences of Kent State University proposed by the Professor Chiang I-Tsun, Chairperson of the Department of Special Education, and Assistant Professor Chiu Chun-Yu, which was selected to be one of the Pilot Overseas Internship Programs to receive the grant after a review process conducted by the Ministry of Education.

“Resilience and Resolution” Remarks by University President Cheng-Chih Wu on the 98th NTNU Anniversary

“Resilience and Resolution” Remarks by University President Cheng-Chih Wu on the 98th NTNU Anniversary

Learn from Each Other in Cultural Exchange Activity

The Office of International Affairs and Foreign Language Education Division held a Cultural Exchange Activity on March 27th, which is a great opportunity for foreign and domestic students to know each other and chat in English. 25 foreign students and 5 classes of freshman English students participated in the activity. They talked about culture, food, holidays, taboos. Many foreign students said that they can’t stand the smell of sticky tofu and they didn’t know there are indigenous people in Taiwan. Some even brought their hometown food to share.

Let’s Flip! Global Village Eng the Class: Activity II ‘Classroom Activity' The Sky’s the Limit

To facilitate the interaction between local and international students in NTNU, the Office of International Affairs, Foreign Language Division of Common Core Education Committee, and Mandarin Training Center (MTC) have coordinated two major activities for .