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Taiwan Team ranked 6th in 2020 International Olympiad in Informatics

The Taiwan team, trained by professors of NTNU, had a good showing at the 32nd International Olympiad in Informatics (IOI). A total of 87 countries and 343 participants are in this game. The Taiwan team got three silver and one bronze, the one of the 18 counties that receive 4 medals and we are ranked as number 6 according to total points.

AI2 Robot City from Prof. Hsu Ting Chia Awarded the Future Tech Award

The team of AI 2 Robot City, led by Prof. Hsu Ting Chia from the Department of Technology Application and Human Resources Application, was given the Future Tech Award by the Ministry of Technology. AI2 Robot City is a game-based learning kit for primary and secondary school students, which combines AI image-recognition teaching tool of MIT App Inventor and the computational thinking board game Robot City. Through this learning kit, users will learn to make smart cars, create image-recognition models, write and perform mobile application. Users will learn to write a program to recognize the personal cards in the board game, and furthermore to control the smart cars with blue-tooth and compete in the computational thinking board game.

Record breaking Patent Transfer Fee at NTNU from the Dept. of Chemistry

It’s proven fact that free radicals attack cells, acerating aging and even cause cancer. Prof. Lee Way Zen from the Department of Chemistry spent ten years to developing artificial enzyme, superoxide dismutase, that helps break down potentially harmful oxygen molecules in cells. This is the first anti superoxide radical element that can be kept in room temperature. This key technology has received eight patent approvals in seven countries and the technology is transferred to Ti-UNic Biotech for producing cosmetics.

President of NTNU Shares the NTNU Experience in Forum for World Education

Invited by the Forum for World Education, President Wu Ching Chi attended the online conference “Meet the Challenges Posed by Covid-19 Pandemic to the Future of Our Worldwide Education Infrastructure” on September 22nd and share the NTNU experience with educators and audience worldwide.

VR National Team by NTNU Prof. Joins 2020 Ars Electronica festival in Austria Remotely

A national VR team led by Prof. Huang Hsin Chian from the Department of Design and a collection of 12 Taiwan-based VR/AR works are presented in the 2020 Ars Electronica festival in Austria.