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Research finds pesticide impairs echolocation ability in bats

Taipei, Jan. 11 (CNA) In the wake of ongoing debate by experts, neonicotinoid pesticide, imidacloprid, has been proven a threat to the survival of bats in Taiwan after last year being confirmed as harmful to bees by the Environmental Protection Agency of the United States.

The Research Center for Conservation of Cultural Relics Repairs Art Works

When famous paintings gets old with age, they needed to be checked restored regularly. The Research Center for Conservation of Cultural Relics here at NTNU is like a health care center for art works, which is specialized in preserving the paintings that worn out because of time or other factors. The center has rescued paintings from Pablo Picasso, Renoir Pierre Auguste, the portrait of an ancestor of one of IPO company owners in Taiwan and other important manuscript owned by the government.

Taiwan Higher Education Leads Southbound Effort

“National Taiwan University System” holds joint “Taiwan- Philippines Academic Exchange Forum” with the Philippine government, followed by a visit to the country’s Department of Science and Technology

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology visited The Special Education Center

The Special Education Center in NTNU has been the lead of special education in Taiwan. Therefore, many people in this field will pay a visit and hope to learn from them. On January 4th, the visit group from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology also came to study for a day with the topic of “Supporting college students that need special education”.

Mysterious Master Defeated 60 Go players developed by Aja Huang

A mysterious Go player named “Master” has won 60 matches in a row on a Chinese Go website lately since December 29th, 2016. People have been guessing the real identity of the player, and now Master have revealed itself as AlphaGo, the artificial intelligence Goplayer from Google and Aja Huang, the lead programmer played the game according to the system’s moves. Huang is the 16th Excellent Alumni Award receiver.