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Kate Hsu Becomes the Youngest Speaker of Commencement Speech at NTNU

Kate Hsu, the 29-year-old Alumni, and the Taiwanese Catalyst for Design For Change. Hsu gave up her job as a teacher in Affiliated Senior High School of National Taiwan Normal University, and went to the riverside school filmed in the movie “3 idiots” and contacted the principal, Kiran Bir Sethi. She started the Design For Change in Taiwan and teach children to stop complaining and start to change. Being the youngest speaker at graduation ceremony, Hsu shared her story with the students. The topic is “You are more powerful than you can imagine”. Kate has wanted to become a teacher since she was little. After getting the job as a substitute of a teacher, she thought she could teach forever. However, she discovered that students cared so much about the grades on their test papers and forgot that the most important thing is to enjoy the process of learning and progressing.

Completion Ceremony of DPPOCS in 2016

In the class of 2016, there are students from 18 countries in The Division of Preparatory Programs for Overseas Chinese Students and mostly are from Malaysia, Hong Kong, Myanmar and Indonesia. Some even come from South Africa and Brazil, with an increasing number of students from Vietnam. To give them a special, multi-cultural completion ceremony, the ceremony is held outdoors and there’s another one at night. President Chang Kuo En, Deputy Minister of Overseas Community Affairs Council Tien Chiu-chin, and the Section Chief of the Ministry of Education, Liu Su Miao all sent their greetings to the students who complete their studies.

2016 International Top University Basketball Tournament in July

Last year, NTNU almost keep the tournament in Taiwan and lost by 1 point. This year, the 2016 International Top University Basketball Tournament will be held at the sports hall from July 13th to 17th. Outstanding players from Canadian, Japanese, South Korean and other universities will come for the championship and the women’s team is added to the game.

The Concert of Celebration by Music Dept.

To celebrate the 70th birthday of NTNU, students, conductors, singers, orchestra and choir from the Graduate Institute of Popular Music and Music Department carried out a performance on June 3rd.

The College of Management Signs for Double Master Degree with the University of Otago

NTNU started the sisterhood with the University since 2000. In 2014, the MOU was signed for exchange program for students and teachers. At the 70th birthday of NTNU, the College of Management decided to sign the MOU for double degree, which is the first one between the two schools.