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Aja Huang, the AlaphaGo Project Member Talks on Campus

Have you heard of AlphaGo? It is the computer program that defeated the world champion in 2016. The pusher, Aja Huang, senior researcher at DeepMind, is from the Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering, NTNU. On Dec. 27th, Aja Huang came back to NTNU and met with President Chang Kuo En and his professors. Later, Aja shared his experience with NTNU students at Gongguan campus.

Chinese Taipei Tug of War Women Tops at 2017 Asian Tug of War Championship

The Chinese Taipei Tug-of-War Team Wins the championship at 2017 Asian Tug of War Championship in the ladies 500 Kg weight class for 6 wins in a row. Starting from 2010, the Chinese Taipei Tug-of-War Team has grabbed gold medals every year in 2012, 2014 and 2017, this is a record-breaking moment!

Christmas Party on Campus for Foreign Students

In order to enhance campus internationalization and promote cultural exchanges among international students, National Taiwan Normal University held "2017 Christmas Party - Beautiful Times, Retro Nostalgia" on the evening of December 15. It was held by Mandarin Teaching Center and the Office of International Affairs for the first time, attracting nearly a thousand foreign students flooded the auditorium.

President of Doshisha University Visits NTNU

On December 18th, the new president Takashi Matsuoka from Doshisha University came to NTNU for the first time. President Chang Kuo En welcomed him with hospitality and introduced NTNU to him, hoping to promote the academic and people exchange.

Research team introduces natural light eye tracker

A National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU) research team has unveiled a natural light eye tracker that it says causes less eye fatigue and is cheaper than conventional infrared devices.