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Cabinet Appointments Announced, NTNU Alumni Made Their Ways

Lists of cabinet appointments by The Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) have been announced and several NTNU alumni has become part of it.

International Symposium on Advancement In NTNU

International Symposium on Advancement of 21st Century Competencies in East Asian Education Systems was held in NTNU on April 23rd. K-12 Education Administration and NTNU are organizers. In the 21st century, we are having drastic changes of politics, economics, society and culture. It’s time to think what key requirements future citizens need that can prepare them for a challenging future.

Singaporean Students Come to Taiwan for Practicum

This year, National Taiwan Normal University is cooperating with National Institute of Education from Singapore for the third practicum program. In 2016, NIE will send 6 students for teaching practicum from May 2nd to June 3rd. 6 NTNU students will go to Singapore in the summer.

Alumnus Linghu Talks to NTNU

The alumnus of English Department, Deputy Foreign Minister Bruce Linghu came to NTNU in April to share with us his career path and hoped that students interested in foreign affairs can learn more about the profession.

Aluma Keng Li Stands on the Stage of Rome

Italy is home to operas. When speaking of opera singers, what comes to your mine? It seems that Caucasian people are more privileged to sing because of their physical strength. However, an aluma of NTNU, Keng Li, is now becoming part of the opera world in Rome, Italy. Keng Li, now 30, has lived in Italy for 7 years. It’s not easy for a music student to stand on stage in Italy.