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Dept. of Electrical Engineering Got Golden Medal from Robot Competition

The Department of Electrical Engineering is specialized in robot studies. The student team lead by Prof. Hus Chen Chien James and Prof. Wang Wei Yen received gold medals again in the 2016 International Competition on Intelligent Humanoid Robotics.

Feel the Exotic Taste and Love from Myanmar Week

The Myanmar week of 2016 is held on 23rd of May by the volunteer team, Love Myanmar. All kinds of mouthwatering food like Myanmar style milk tea and Burmese tofu are popular among students. On the booth, you can see traditional Myanmar cloth and accessories. There are also second hand crafts on sale.

The More Fit You Are, the Higher Score You'll Get

The research team of NTNU discovered that the more fit a junior school student are, the higher score he'll get at the high school entrance exam. In Chinese society, there’s a saying called “those who are good at physics are simple minded”. Many agree that exercise aren’t helpful at all to improving their child’s academic performances or worse, negative impact. That’s why Asian parents aren’t positive about encouraging their child to exercise and school administrations often cut short the time of PE classes. However, things have changed recently. The government has been promoting the benefit of regular exercise, which will bring a fitter, healthier body. The countless benefit of exercise is becoming known by the public. In fact, a research shows that the more fit a high school student are, the higher score he'll get at the high school entrance exam.

Debate Tournament for Foreign Students in Mandarin

“Whether Taiwan’s Central Government should adopt a cabinet system?” This topic is not easy, even for native Mandarin speakers. How would the foreign students do on this kind of topic? College of International Studies and Social Sciences held a debate tournament for foreign students, inviting all foreign students in the Department of Chinese as a Second Language to this exciting event.

NTNU Sets up Overseas Technical and vocational Education Research Center

To improve internationalization and help the vocation training for oversea students, NTNU was granted the sponsorship from Overseas Community Affairs Council to set up the Overseas Technical and vocational education Research Center. The open ceremony was on the 19th of May. The President of NTNU, Chang Kuo En, also serves as the Chair of the Overseas Community Affairs Council, Vice Chair Hsin Chi Chang, member Yu Chan Tsai and Section Chief Chiang Chia Huei were invited as guests. Professor and Chairman of the Department of Industrial Education LI Jeen Fong, Prof. Hong Jon Chao and Prof. Kuo Chin Guo were presented.