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Father of Modern PrintMaking Liao Shiou Ping Receives Honorary PhD

At the graduation ceremony of the National Taiwan Normal University on June 23rd, President Wu Cheng Chih presented an art doctorate in honorary art to Chair Professor Liao Shiou Ping in recognition of his lifelong efforts in the creation, education, promotion of printmaking. As a promoter of modern printmaking in Taiwan, Dr. Liao introduced lots of foreign printmaking techniques and advocated the concepts and techniques of modern printmaking. Thus, Taiwan's printmaking art is full of creativity and modern multidisciplinary. He also cultivates countless printmaking artists. Dr. Liao is widely considered as Taiwan’s “Father of Modern Printmaking”.

Intelligent Spectrum Orchid Virus Test by NTNU done in 3 Seconds

The college of Technology and Engineering of NTNU started to promote education on Innovation and Entrepreneurship two years ago. Prof. Chieh Jen Jie of the Graduate Institute of Electrol-optical Science and Technology, graduate students Wang Yen Hsing, Lee Kuan Jie and Kuo Hung Yi founded the company ISPECT Intelligent Spectrum. They have come up with a fast, easy and accurate orchid virus detecting system that can tell you the result in 3 seconds with higher accuracy rate.

NTNU Hosts Global Symposium Expect to Turn Environmental Crisis into a Change

The 2018 International Symposium of TFSP on Impact of and Alternatives to Systematic Pesticides, held by by National Taiwan Normal University on June 29th at main campus of NTNU, is for calling attention to the impact of systemic pesticides on Taiwan's biodiversity and ecological environment with objective scientific viewpoints and alternative solutions.

NTNU Hosts Conference on Inclusive Education

The 2nd Asia-Pacific Conference on Inclusive Education, hosted by Special Education Center of NTNU, was held on June 8th at Bo-Ai building. President Wu Cheng Chih and Vice Dean of the College of Education Guo Jong Long were invited to be opening remarks for this international academic gathering the held once in three years.

Thailand Alumni Association Celebrates the 72 School Anniversary

Vice President Frank Y-H Ying and administrator Hu from the Center of Public Affairs visited Thai alumni and joined the dinner at Evergreen hotel. Honor Chairman, and Chairman and many other guests came to the dinner. Vice President Ying visited the Representative Tung Chen-yuan at Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Thailand. Later, a meeting was held at the Chinese Association in Thailand. About 30 alumni and chairmen attended the meeting.