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Huge Progress in International Research, NTNU Ranked 61st at QS Asia University Rankings 2020

QS University Rankings recently announced the new rankings for Asian universities for 2020. This year, NTNU moved up six places to number 61. Throughout the years, NTNU is ranked around 50~60 in Asia University rankings. The total score in 2020 is 58.4 a slight increase compared to 56.1 of 2019. Since the first year of QS Asian University Rankings, NTNU has been making some progress year by year.

NTNU Graduate Student Lee Ming Feng Speaks at 2019 IAVE Conference

Lee Ming Feng, a graduate student at the Department of Civic Education and Leadership, was invited again as the speaker at the 16th IAVE Asia Pacific Volunteer Conference again. Lee also attended the conference in Germany as Taiwanese representative last year. This year, he and his team went to Bangkok, Thailand from November 10th to 15th as Taiwanese youth volunteer. He delivered a keynote speech “Make your Youth Volunteering Program simple and impactful” on November 14th, sharing his experience of managing volunteer groups across universities and serving. This year is the 17th year of Lee devoting himself into charity work, with more than 9,000 hours volunteering.

2019 Southeast Asia Education Dean’s Forum at NTNU

In order to assist the development of domestic universities and colleges to develop academic exchanges and cooperation, cultivate talents and develop regional development with academically influential educational and research institutions in Southeast Asian countries, the College of Education of National Taiwan Normal University held the Regional Alliance Project of New Southbound Policy: Education and Humanities under the Ministry of Education. In March 2018, the first Southeast Asia Education Dean’s Forum was held, inviting scholars from the top universities in Southeast Asia and domestic well-known universities to gather for the first time. In March 2019, the second Forum was held and the scope expended. Scholars were invited to give keynote speeches, and the discussion was focused on how to prepare for the competitiveness of the 21st century.

Do you have the “right” sense of humor? Exploring the humor styles of Taiwanese from neurocognitive to socio-cultural perspectives

How humorous are the people of Taiwan compared to those in other countries? What are the gender and cultural differences in the use of different humor styles? Is it possible to help students with Asperger syndrome to develop their positive humor styles?

Administrators of NTNU Visit Kyushu University

Vice President Lee Chung Mou lead a group of administrators of 14 people to sister school Kyushu University on October 28th and 29th. Executive Vice President Masato Wakayama attended NTNU administrators happily.