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NTNU Signs MOU with Kyushu University for Exchange Opportunities

The College of Science of NTNU signed an agreement on academic collaboration last December and the activities will start this year. Both sides provide five spots for exchange students and take turns on holding academic seminars. President Chiharu Kubo came to NTNU on January 7th this year and made some further discussion about the academic exchange, all-English course, Taiwan Study lecture and so on, for a beneficiary outcome for both universities.

Flying Geese Camp: Internationalization from the Department

The last seminar of the Flying Geese Camp: Academic Leadership Development Program this semester was held on January 5th. This seminar is targeted for the academic leaders in higher education for Internationalization.

Master of Arts from NTNU

At the end of 2017, art awards in Taiwan or abroad have been announced one after another. Prof. Gordon S. W. Chin from the Music Department received the National Award for Arts with honor. Alumni, retired professor from National Tsing Hua University Fan Siang Bin received the Lifetime Achievement Award of Arts Education Contribution Award. Hsieh Li Fa got a National Cultural Award, the Ministry of Culture. These prizes were given by different organization for different value and meanings.

NTNU Alumna Received the Stevie Awards for Women as Business

The alumna from the Master Program of the Department of Adult and Continuing Education, CEO of Good Food Enterprise Co Viola Cheng, just received the Stevie Awards for Women as Business in Startup of the Year- Gold Stevie Winner and Young Female Entrepreneur- Silver Stevie Winner. Her company is known for solving social problems. Cheng went on stage with the flag of the Republic of China and impressed the business world with her company.

Aja Huang, the AlaphaGo Project Member Talks on Campus

Have you heard of AlphaGo? It is the computer program that defeated the world champion in 2016. The pusher, Aja Huang, senior researcher at DeepMind, is from the Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering, NTNU. On Dec. 27th, Aja Huang came back to NTNU and met with President Chang Kuo En and his professors. Later, Aja shared his experience with NTNU students at Gongguan campus.